News updated at 2010/10/31.

Even though I don’t use evolution daily basis, I still spent a few hours to work with the old plugin for the upcoming Evolution 2.30. In the latest version, Evolution plugin framework is now having a new EPluginUI for GtkUIManager. The plugin version below to 0.0.3 does not work with Evolution 2.30, please use 0.0.4 if you upgraded your evolution to 2.30.

You can download source code tarball at github ( I have also built debian packages for these platform, if you want to test with binaries

  • For Ubuntu User
    • You can download and install package form my PPA for Maverick (10.10).
  • For Debian User
    • You can download the tarball and deb file for Debian sid from here.

Since I no longer use Evolution, if you feel the piece of software is useful for you, please consider making a donation to support me maintaining the software.