Rex's presentation on OpenWRT case studies 這是連續第三年上台在 COSCUP 分享 OpenWRT 相關的經驗,前兩年談得是基本的使用、或是稍微進階一點修改韌體給一兩百人的研討會使用,稍微還帶到一點技術。

今年的分享,試著想要切合研討會的「Open source friendly hardware platform」的連續議程的主題,切成兩部份,一部分是 OpenWRT 偏商業應用與分析,分析過去一年來在網通市場的生態系統中,不同層面的廠商各用了甚麽樣的策略與方法去應用 OpenWRT 這套開源的系統,並且對業務與市場可以有甚麽樣的幫助。第二部份,則請在網通代工廠工作的 macpaul ,分享從網通廠工程師的角度,以 OpenWRT 做開發的實務整合經驗與效能結果。

我的簡報可於下載,macpaul 的部份可於觀看。全程演講之錄影也已經上線。有任何問題,歡迎與我聯絡,或留言於此。更歡迎在網通產業的前輩給予指教,特別是國內網通廠或 SoC 晶片廠對 OpenWRT 的態度與看法。

This is my third time to share my experience on OpenWRT project at COSCUP. The last two year I have shared the basic usage and software framework of OpenWRT, and also my experience to customize the OpenWRT firmware for open source conferences for allowing more then 100 people get connected with wifi in single room.

This year, I like to line up with the track ‘Open source friendly hardware’. So with another speaker Macpaul, we split the talk into two parts. The first part is presented by me, talked about how the industry use OpenWRT in their products, and how OpenWRT can do in the ecosystem. I tried to analysis how the strategies work on the business and marketing. The second part is presented by mapcual, as a OEM vendor engineer, macpaul shared his experience on day-on-day router firmware development, and the performance of the OpenWRT software stack.

At the beginning of this conference,  we were thinking about invite the core developers of OpenWRT project. But due to the limit of the event funding, the team can not afforded the ticket and hotel for trip of speaker. Hope, next year we will have opportunity to invite the core developers from the other country.

Photo is taken by Jim Grisanzio, The best photo of my talk I can find on Internet. Thanks! Jim.