The Taiwan government has launched the new Public Warning System to warn cell phone subscribers the happening emergency. There are a few integration need to be done to support PWS on Ubuntu phone.

  1. rild from Android.
  2. ofono to dbus.
  3. User interface to handle the dbus event.

ofono supports the CBS/PWS[1] long time ago. There are a few TODOs to support the PWS

  • Make sure the rild can receive and pass the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) to ofono
  • Need a userspace program to handle the Emergency Broadcast from dbus.


[1] 國家通訊傳播委員會_災防告警系統(PWS)介紹 –
[2] ofono/ofono.git – Open Source Telephony –
[3] PWS specs

The post is based on engineering note.