Thanks to YK, I’m one of the few lucky guys who can take la Fonera home.

Last Sunday, I attended to the Firefox 2 Party at Taiwan, and met Jordi Vallejo and YK again. We shares the new progress of last few weeks. Finally, is going to setup a new office in Taipei and sell La Fonera at December. is linking La Fonera with several services on the internet, and will provide new devices integrated with these creative features. They are also looking for people who can help to port the firmware on the hardware platforms. We exchanged some ideas and development informations on the wireless router, and YK gave me the new Fonera which was showing in the Firefox 2 Party.

I can not get some free time to play with the new gadget yet. The la Fonera is HK version, which means the transformer is not fit power sockets in Taiwan. I have to buy a converter for it.

Box of La FoneraLa FoneraPower Socket