Thanks clkao (高大師) for the great svn-mirror tool. I am using svn-mirror 0.68-3 on Debian Etch for mirror svn repository from the damn far and slow European svn server, so I can enjoy the super faster checkout and show the log messages on local server.

However, since the the svn server is slow and connection is not stable (otherwise I don’t need svn-mirror anyway). The connection might be dropped or the process could be killed by accident in the long mirroring process. The problem is once the program is killed (Ex: by Control+C), then it will run into a dead lock situation. You will keep seeing this messages, and never get the mirror work again.

Waiting for sync lock on /mirror/remote: openwrt:25221.

In order to fix the problem, I wrote a simple script It’s for clean the dead lock.

$ unlock SVMREPOS path
$ perl unlock /home/svn mirror/remote

This is a tip for Debian.

Here is my little script for `incremental’ dump svn revision trees. The script just check every svn repositories which located at /home/svn, and save it in /home/backup by versions.


for dir in /home/svn/* ; do
    name=$(basename ${dir})
    version=$(svnlook youngest ${dir})
    for ((r=1;r<${version};r++)) ; do
	if [ ! -f "/home/backup/${name}-$r.gz" ] ; then
		svnadmin dump ${dir} -r $r --incremental | \
			gzip -9> /home/backup/${name}-$r.gz

Have fun! This is a tip.